Welcome to Mine Blocks. Mine Blocks is an awesome 2D Minecraft in Flash, which is designed by Zanzlanz. Mine Blocks is included most of Minecraft’s features.Minecraft is a 3D game, which is randomly generated world. In Minecraft, you can do everything, all depend your creation.

In Mine Blocks, you also can create your world. Mine Blocks will provide all materials, tools for you to build, explore, discover, mine, craft, farm, hunt, adventure, journey or anything else you can think of. There is crafting and mining, together with drops, tools, mobs, armor, stone, hammer, health, farming, redstone, the nether, diamonds, TNT, and a lot of other items.

Do you want to get Freedom ? Start now ! Mine the resources -> Craft your tools and other things -> Build the house or castle -> Discover the land in Mine Blocks -> Against the monsters if you meet -> FREEDOM.

How to play Mine Blocks ?

To start, you need to mine the materials :

Move your mouse to position the red cursor, where you want to mine. Then, click and keep the mouse button till the block pops off. You can craft the block, when you have it.

You are able to drag around the blocks in your inventory. To open your inventory, press CTRL key on the keyboard. To drag individual blocks, when you click, press and hold down SHIFT key. Use your mouse to drag the blocks in the crafting area to see what you are able make.

1 wood equals 4 wooden planks.
2 wooden planks equals 4 sticks.
4 wooden planks equals 1 crafting table.

Close out of the inventory to place blocks like crafting table. To place the block at the spot, hold down SHIFT key and place the GREEN cursor on it, then CLICK + SHIFT.

Some Hot key you can use while playing Mine Blocks :

Movement : use WASD keys.
Jump : use SPACE BAR.
Fire : use left mouse button.
Inventory : press CTRL key.
Help : press H key.
Pause menu/Options : press ESC key.

For more detail, press H key to display Help window. HAVE FUN !

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  1. TRON LEGACY says:

    hi i am new so this game is so cool i have found so many blocks man this games is awesome you can call me TRON i am from the TRON movie

  2. TRON LEGACY says:





    • I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I WATCH THEM ALL THE TIME MAKE A WISHING WELL LIKE STAMPYLONGHEAD YOUR VIDEOS ARE EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOURS SINCEARLY SEAN

  6. I don’t lie this game so i will kill wou

  7. hola quiero aprender a decorar fundas de movil.
    Gracias por las molestias.

  8. STAMPYLONGHEAD plays mineblocks

  9. simsweetie says:

    Hi! I LOVE THIS GAME! Me and max played it all day! I wish i was recording!

  10. michael3038 says:

    i don’t see the point it takes so long to get wood without a axe
    so wood takes long time so you get no house fast game
    sucks lets play minecraft
    now this game is worth nothing the controls suck why do I keep jumping? why
    does the controls have to be hard and not simple simple controls would be first move and jump up jump not fly
    like this game somehow it does not say it plus I keep flying

  11. michael3038 says:

    and lets go and play another game free bye

  12. doy no entendo inglis e português

  13. this is an stupid game that takes to long to load

  14. Andreas Saksakulm says:

    kus on mine blocks 1?

  15. im so good in survival

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