Mine Blocks 2 Online

In my point of view, although I have played it for an hour, Mine Blocks 2 has its own interesting characteristics. At first, I think I should keep my character from falling down the hole, but later inside the Earth I can do many creative things. Down in the ground, it doesn’t have the Sun, the Moon, trees, flowers, animals or people. However, you can build lots of things such as a nice house, garden etc. only with grey and white blocks in Mine Blocks 2. Moreover, there are bright and dark patterns; you can take advantage of them to make carpets, flowers, clouds, stars, water tanks or pets. This is your own land. This area has no limitation. In case you feel fed up with the game, it means you run out of creativity. Mine Blocks 2 is a playing ground for players to show their different designs, express their creative thoughts. How beautiful, impressive and sparkling your own world is depends on your imaginary mind. For one minute, you try to close your eyes and imagine following things. With many colors such as grey, black, white, pink or yellow, you can make a starry sky, special and warm house with a cross on the roof or the garden filled with sparking flowers etc. In addition, you can make yourself be the first one who has discovered buried treasure, so you will be a billionaire famous for gold, diamond or rubies. Furthermore, you can be a boss of a factory where you design lots of new robots or invent amazing machines that no one has known before. Nobody can prevent what you do with your imaginary and creative thought. Please tell us what you think and experience.

How to play Mine Blocks 2 Online

Use the arrow keys to move. Clicking with Mouse makes blocks disappear. Shift + click is for creating a grey block, Ctrl + click for a white block, F for Full screen mode. You can put gray blocks everywhere you like, but white blocks must stand on other blocks.

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  1. Hey Alex it’s the little arrow next to your equipped gear

  2. make god mode in multiplayer

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