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Have you ever played the mining Minecraft game yet? Are you ready to become the excellent player? Now let’s join the game “MoMiner” to discover many interest things! You are staying at the desert, and you must control Super Duber Digger to dig through the ground and get the ores. There are a lot of ores with yellow, gray, pink, brown, white and etc in the desert with full sand. These ores are used to upgrade the digger. You should find the fuel as oils and diamonds help the digger go deeper. In the ground, there are many rocks that make your digger down slowly. You will stop the job if the digger runs out of fuel. Try to earn money to open 7 achievements types. To get the money, you must dig and find more treasures. Seven item types in the shop are: 1 – “Tower’s Height” item – Improves and so the digger can go down with faster speed. 2 – “Fuel Efficiency” item – you can improve this item to use less fuel. 3 – “Movement” item – you should improve this item to move easily. 4 – “Position” item – This item is used to show position of ores, rocks (obstacle) and fuel beneath. 5 – “Super Booster” item – You can use no fuel for a period time and boost Digger to maximum speed. You also improve boost duration in each level. 6 – “Special Gun” item – To destroy stone or shoot ore and fuel to get it, you can use the item “Special Gun”. You can improve fire rate in each level, too. 7 – “Chance” item – To find more fuel in underground, you have to increase this item “Chance”. Every item has difficult levels that you can upgrade and improve: – The “Tower’s Height” has 9 levels. – The “Fuel Efficiency” item has 9 levels. – The “Movement” item has 5 levels. – The “Position” item has 5 levels. – The “Super Booster” item has 6 levels. – The “Special Gun” item has 4 levels. – The “Chance” item has 9 levels. To dig into the ground deeper, you should get the fuel, so a lot of treasures are at here. Let’s play the game “MoMiner” right now! Good luck!


Use these keys to control Super Duber Digger:
Move with 2 keys – Left and Right arrow keys.
Use “Super Booster” with the Down arrow key.
Use the left mouse to fire.
Use “Enter” key to launch the Digger.

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MoMiner, 8.0 out of 10 based on 36 ratings

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